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Singlz Wine Shuttle



Singlz is the ground-breaking concept which has launched a wine drinking revolution around the world.

It delivers unique versatility, portability and convenience for wine drinkers in a variety of social situations.

Singlz is the by-product of an idea from New Zealand designer Graeme Blake, who with winemaker Piet Nooyens thought of packaging single-serve glass-bottled wine in small packs that incorporated drinking vessels which would clip over the bottle caps.

Subsequently Graeme and his business partner Tony Woods used their creative experience and endeavour to develop a unique new combination of a PET (plastic) bottle which integrated into the base of the drinking vessel which also served as the tamper-evident closure system around the neck of the bottle.

It proved an unprecedented breakthrough in the worldwide trend towards convenience in food and beverage packaging and presentation. The benefits are many:

  • Simple convenience. The concept provides a unique packaging solution in which the drinking vessel also serves as the screw top/cap for the bottle.
  • Longer life. The patented plastic bottle and vessel technology provides glass-like visual appeal and a proven 12 month shelf life for the wine.
  • Hygiene Integrity. The tamper-evident closure around the neck of the bottle provides security and fits flush in a continuous smooth profile.
  • Stylish simplicity. The integrated wine flute can be unscrewed and the wine poured in one continuous motion.
  • Environmental friendliness. Singlz' bottle and drinking vessel are both recyclable and the product is user-friendly for all outdoor occasions including picnics, sports events and other social situations.
  • Safely secure. Singlz offers protection against spiking or pilfering for young people at parties or night clubs.
  • Crowd appeal. Singlz is the easy to use solution for catering in major crowd situations and difficult environments such as open-air sport venues and on airlines.

The innovative quality of the Singlz product has been enhanced by New Zealand bottle manufacturer Linkplas which has developed the first PET bottle worldwide proven to preserve wine quality for at least one year. And the final development coup for Graeme and Tony was to secure the support of well-known New Zealand businessman and supporter of new business endeavours Eion Edgar, as a key investor in the enterprise to develop Singlz to its full potential.

Singlz is already on sale containing Hardys Wines under their ‘Shuttles’ brand name, but Singlz unique packaging is now available to all wine makers in Australia, USA and Europe. Wines in Singlz packaging are increasingly being seen in discerning retailers and at sporting, entertainment and social Events around the world.

The Singlz bottles are currently produced in Adelaide and will soon also be manufactured in the USA. The drinking vessels are manufactured in a purpose-built factory in Ningbo, China which has enabled the company to remain price competitive in international wine markets.

The company is based in Auckland and managed by Tony Woods. This incredible enterprise is growing rapidly to meet demand for a uniquely innovative new way to enjoy wine.